Hello World!


I love to tell stories. I want to tell stories that matter. I want to make sure that those unheard stories will be heard. I want to tell stories that remind people there’s a whole world out there they still need to explore. And I feel journalism is the platform which will give me an opportunity to tell stories through words, pictures, articles etc.

Seeing the situation of Pakistan today triggers me to take a step in improving it Hence my this determination sets an aim of following journalism in future.

 I want to tell stories through media that no one else tells. I want to meet new people everyday. I want to talk to people everyone else is afraid of. I want to give voice to the voiceless. I want to present both sides of the story. I want to write truth & say truth. I want to shed light on solutions. I want people to know why things are the way they are. I want to be a journalist because I want to wake up the sleepy heads and make them aware of how important their contribution would be to make the country prosper. I want to make Pakistan a better country to live in.

A journalist has great power & great responsibility. It’s your job to tell fair stories and present everything in an appropriate light. You have access to everybody. You get to meet new people. You get to travel .You get to cover lots of different topics which make your job interesting. 

I pursued Media Studies as a subject at Alevel. I am currently doing Bachelors of Media Science from SZABIST and I am a journalism major. I interned at Express News, Karachi Bureau from  July to September 2016. Apart from that I am a Crafter and run an online business.

I hope to become a responsible journalist, one day.